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Beer Can Hall of Fame - Featured Cans!
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A classic combo (beer and Gatorade)
A can worthy of the Hall of Fame (2013)

Go Bruins! Stanley Cup is back in Boston!
It's an older can, but hall of fame worthy this year!

Happy Birthday to the Beer Can (75 years)
January 24, 2010 - Generic white beer can

Summer 2009
Stiegl can from Austria - A classy design, indeed.

Winter 07/08 Hall of Fame Can!
From Schmidt Nature Series

Fall 2011 - Congrats to the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins! Their win makes this older commemorative Hall of Fame worthy! go B's!
SPRING 2007 Hall of Fame can! Well, with the arrival of Spring comes our Hall of Fame can selection. The museum board of directors, after careful consideration, has finally selected this South Pacific Lager steel can for its fine design and overall classiness! Congrats and we love the Bird of Paradise!

Brewed/Canned by PNG Brewery, Papua New Guinea

Hall of Fame can 'o the month!

Fall 2006 - Hall of Fame Can

Above you see our first Hall of Fame can, from Pickett & Son (Dubuque , IA) - chosen by the Beer Can Museum Board of Directors due to its classic all-American pop culture design.  This straight steel tab top is a great can to find on any can collector's shelf!  Congratulations to 'Champagne Velvet'; For the GOOD LIFE!

Schells cans are known for their design excellence

 Winter of 2006-7.  The Board of Directors had a difficult time choosing between the two cans shown above; so we chose BOTH to grace our Hall of Fame page this season!
Congrats to Schell's, brewed in New Ulm, MN. Check out their great website at The cans here are basic steel tab tops from the late '70's or possibly early '80's.