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Contacting the Curator about beer can values, etc.

Click below to e-mail me if you have questions about beer cans or breweriana. I'm happy to let you know what older cans are worth. I'm not a Rockefeller, but I can refer you to the larger breweriana dealers if need be. If you'd like to donate old cans to our humble museum, we will happily send you a certificate of appreciation, suitable for framing and give you a VIP tour if you're in the area. We don't make any money at the beer can museum; we're here for the love of the hobby and the art and history that these great cans capture for all to enjoy. Have a great day (or evening!)
Best from New England :-)


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Let me know what you think of our site. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of the Beer Can Museum. If you are a member of the BCCA or are a museum contributor wanting a live tour, you can request one via e-mail. Thanks for visiting !

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Ken Drucker stands in awe

Larry Alterman of Tenafly, New Jersey
Larry donated this can years before his VIP tour

Another happy visitor!