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Refugios (Dominican Republic) Jan. 2010

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The curator in his element

From the 'Enterprise' - South of Boston


Yes, it's true! If you missed the announcement on CNN the other night, the ETBCM website has won a prestigious award! Thanks go out to the Netherlands' very own Jan Meinders, a world famous beer man on the net, for awarding our site the fine honor you see above! Cheers from Boston, Jan. You can check out his site from the LINKS page up above! Now, on to the quotes!

Now on to the serious quotes! "Your beer can site rocks! Gets better every time that I look at it. Hilda's actually lookin' pretty good." Jim Cannizzaro, Mansfield, Mass.
"Hoppin good fun, a most excellent and heady endeavor, quite absorbing." Phil Gray, New York, N.Y.
 "Amazing!" Dr. Geoff Weinstein, San Diego, Ca.
 "When I saw the collection, I immediately had to go to the bathroom!" - Todd Poudrier, Middleboro, Mass.

"Wow. My breath has been taken away by sheer enormity and variety of your collection.
Are those the same yellow shelves from G-57, Shaw Hall, 1983??" Steve Willnus, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"This web site reminds me of my great Aunt Sylvia, a stogie-smoking, Olde English 800 swilling broad who climbed Mount Everest on her 80th birthday. A zesty, fun-filled frolic through the seedy underside of the world of beer."

Perry Sobel, New Jersey

"As Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did for the Chinese action film, ETBCM sets a new highwater mark for excellence in the realm of beer can collecting. Unlike anything before it, elements of this fine museum are destined to appear in the beer can collections and museums of the future. I doff my cap and quaff a fine ale in toast to this magnificent collection!" - Lars Malachy - Normal, IL

"I couldn't put my program down!" - James McKay, Middleboro, MA

"Very impressive collection. Not wheelchair accessible but worth getting out of your chair and schlubbing down some stairs to view. Host is extremely accommodating and friendly. Each tour is a personal tour tailored to the specific breweriana interests of the visitor."
Dave Maberry, Tampa, Florida

"ETBCM is really keen! I liked the "adult" section the best. Only caveat - needs a hot tub." - S. Cope, Fredonia, NY

Basically it comes down to this: the ETBCM makes recycling cans completely obsolete
Marc Bakker - The Netherlands

It was really "FABU" ! - Mike Jeffris, Ridgecrest, California
It's like Disney World, in that there's so MUCH to see" - Ken Drucker, Attleboro, Massachusetts

and now a different sort of quote...

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.....Benjamin Franklin


We're famous!

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