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2 Bluefish from Buzzards Bay
Caught by Jack Roussell (eaten by curator!)

July 2004 - Alaskan King Salmon
Museum Contributor John Bevelheimer with catch!

Click on Pic for a great day on the water!
Curator with Striped Bass - Boston

Mexican permit
John also caught a can for the beer can museum

Largemouth Bass - E. Taunton, MA.
Caught by the curator in Lake Rico


Bon Apetit

ABOVE: Museum contributor John Mendelson caught this 'sweet baby' off of Chatham, Massachusetts on October 3, 2001. He landed the striped bass from the beach on his fly rod! At around twenty five pounds, the fish was a definite keeper! The fish was cleaned in back of the museum in East Taunton, and the curator and his family enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner on October 4th! Thanks again for sharing the wealth John, especially since my giant fish broke my line and is still laughing at me from somewhere in the Atlantic. Scroll way down to see the curator's modest catch from the fishing outing. OK, you can stop laughing now!!


ABOVE: Frequent museum contributor Johnny Bevelheimer caught this Alaskan King Salmon this past summer while vacationing in the great white North. I was so impressed by this pic I had to post it here! John tells us he was drinking Coors during the fishing outing. From CANS. Very nice, Johnny!

At the very bottom of the page you see the museum curator, Kevin Logan, with his first 'striper' ever, caught while surf casting off of Chatham, Mass on October 3, 2001. Not a keeper, but a thrill to catch nonetheless!!



Above you see a fine brown trout, caught by Graham, aged 2 years, 7 months, at a fishing derby in New Jersey! Grahams' Dad, David, is a faithful virtual visitor to the museum (right, David?).

Thanks for visiting this special FISH PIC section of our website! If you are a beer can collector or museum contributor AND an angler, e-mail me your fish pics and they may end up here!

If you visit the museum you'll notice several fishing themed beer cans on display! You'll also notice the curator's fishing rods hanging near by alongside Big Mouth Billy Bass (NO, I didn't buy it, it was a gag gift!). If you behave during the tour the curator might even let you peek inside his tackle box!!

Below, a fine crappie indeed (curator caught!)


Thanks for taking the time to admire these lovely fish. My striper was released back into the mighty Atlantic. The King Salmon (caught by John Bevelheimer) and the 25 pound striper John Mendelson caught were enjoyed in more than a couple fish meals!! Happy Fishing!